July 18, 2008

Electricity from sunlight

The solar power plant in Jumilla, Murcia, Spain is currently one of the two largest solar energy plant in the world. It produces 20 megawatts with 120,000 PV panels. The solar plant was built over 11 months with 400 people in an area that locals say is perfect since it receives about 300 days of sun a year.

Well brother,
Solar Energy might be the next big thing for developed economies. We are already short of 4000MW of energy. The rapidly changing geopolitical scenarios in the context of raised oil prices dictates only one thing i.e., we have to go for Hydroelectric Power. In the past we have lost too much on the political front. We failed to decide to build any new hydroelectric project since 1970s. By the grace of Allah our country is blessed with hydroelectric potential but we have already buried our strategic advantage in the gloomy grave of politics.
Anyhow, only 150 million Rs. have been allocated in the current budget for developing alternative energy resources. Forget bio fuel and other such hip things.


  1. well SOLAR THERMAL technology is promising, despite this
    no new solar thermal power plant has been constructed in the USA for 20 years.

    its very sad that indians are way ahead of us in this field too. they r producing more than 7000MW from wind energy alone. we have to take the initiative now. its now or never. rising oil prices and an oil dependent economy will make our produce too expensive to export. situation will hit us even harder in the absence of an efficient transportation system. by the way, our electric locomotives have already spent their useful life and if there is some left we can't arrange cheap electricity to run it.

    bio fuel is the hip word these days. countries like brazil have shifted almost half of their dependence from black oil to this in the recent past by developing in house technology. we could hav done so, but the budget allocation to the concerned department in this fiscal year is just 150 million rs. , price of a 01 kanal house in average localities of lahore.

  2. well bros
    seems that we have used all of our hydroelectric potential, that's why we are talking solar here. i am not against developing alternative energy resources but in order to overcome a shortfall of 4000MWh+ by solar resources alone we may have to built 100 ever largest solar power plants in the country, which to be honest is not going to happen. then guys what are we waiting for? we should start building at least Kalabagh Dam ASAP to avoid a mass suicide attempt which we may commit in the wake of increasing fossil fuel prices. the conditions are surely going to worsen if we setup only thermal power plants in our homeland.
    wind farms are setup usually in huge wastelands with better wind potential. i am sorry we don't be having much area left after fulfilling the food demands of our countrymen if the per acre production rate remains the same as was earlier.
    to me Solar and Wind resources are tapped in an attempt to squeeze the last bit out of the natural resources. by the grace of Allah we are blessed with huge hydroelectric potential. now its up to our elected representatives to harness this resource for the benefit of their homeland.