July 18, 2008

Thermal Insulation of Roofs

hi brothers,
does any one of you has ever installed thermal insulation on roofs?
i am looking for a solution that would fit on the existing roof (not ceiling) without disturbing the utility of roof.
what is going to be the investment for insulating a roof for a typical 12 Marla house?
is there going to be any real saving in terms of energy bills or it is just a hoax sort of thing?
thanking you all in anticipation.


  1. there must be some hi tech way to have thermal sealing of roofs.
    monsoons are coming and i don't want to do such an experiment that will end up on seepages.
    someone told me about spray polyurethane thing. have u ever heard anything about that? is that solution accustomed to industrial users only?

  2. Promising

    Master's Solution sounds flexible and durable.
    What do you think if concrete screeding will allow enough foot traffic or i would have to opt for roof tiles?
    What is going to be the final cost per square feet?

    Moreover, i wonder if white paint is going to do the job? Is that going to stand guard against invisible light which constitutes a major chunk of the irradiated heat of the sun?