August 11, 2008

Al-Qaeda intervenes Musharaf's Exodus

Ironically, Al-Qaeda has come forward to arbitrate the exodus of General Pervaiz Musharaf when all of his associates have betrayed him raising the brows of influentials in Pakistani Politics . Ayman al-Zawahiri, the 2nd most wanted man by America in the world after Osama Bin Laden reiterated that Musharaf is the worst enemy of the legion spearheaded by him. It’s a strange development by all known strategic political standards. In times, where General’s impeachment consequently leading to capital punishment is just like text on the wall, Al-Qaeda has provided him strong support by releasing this audio message. The said omen has very successfully delivered the American sentiment between the lines on the prevailing political scenario in Pakistan. The newly formed unnatural political alliance should now realize that America can never ever afford the un ceremonial subtraction of its best ally in Pakistan in its war against terrorism. This situation can only yield encouraging outcomes for the alliance if they manage to assure Uncle Sam their pledge towards its crusade aka war against terrorism. Some circles in the capital are still of the view that surfacing of such an audio message at his time is just a lean jugglery of the Pro Musharaf spheres of the interior ministry encompassing Rehman Malik.

To my understanding, Pakistan Army cannot leave its ex COAS to be cleaned out by the civilians in such a way. This institution is known for taking care of its bosses, instances consist of that of Zia ul Haq, where even his death was accepted in a heroic approach.

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