August 14, 2008

Independence Day; Full Throttle

ISAF/ US sponsored Missile Attacks in NWFP

Violence in Bajur and Swat
Bomb Attacks in Hub and Panjgoor
Suicide Bomb Attack in Lahore
Blood Soaked National Flags
Impeachment fueled Political and Economic Chaos

All of this is absolutely more than anything what an enemy may have wished for.

Chaos everywhere except in the field of Olympic hockey where Pakistan defeated Canada by 3-1 goals.

Watan ki Matti Gawah Rehna

I still feel myself a pakistani despite all this. a delighted pakistani olympian still exhilarates me. to me winning is everything, its a similar feeling that we pakistani's enjoy. i wonder if polititians are pakistani's. 3 ceremonies were held by the influentials at the helm of affairs in pakistan. That's what we mean by economical and political austerity. Aren't we supposed to conserve our resources and communicate a message of strong united Pakistan to our enemies?

For us Pakistan is still FIRST.

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