August 18, 2008

Musharaf Resigned; Impeachment Deffered?

Attn: This is not a very well composed post. I found it tough to narrate something

Pakistani Nation is celebrating the exit of another of its Head of the State. Last time they celebrated in this fashion on 12th October, 1999. They had waited for this glorious moment for almost 9 years. Let's see what comes next. Is he leaving for Saudi Arabia to return after 10 years? I wonder if he has the resources to build a royal palace in Saudi Oasis or in English Counties.

Honestly speaking I have mixed feelings over his departure and am neither happy nor sad. To me he was a person of the same caliber as was Bhutto and BB. The only thing wrong with him was that he was from a middle class family and not part of the legacy of a feudal. He impressed me a lot in his frequent televised public addresses during the better and initial phase of his tenure. To be precise i don't see any other ICON capable of doing so such good and equally bad to the country as he did. He truly was a man capable of standing against the now vibrant media. Recent foreign visit of our Siraiki Prime Minister clearly depicts what is in the pipeline.

Anyhow, no one is here to last forever. Now its up to us to find an alternative to heir the legacy left by Musharraf. I wonder if the present political alliance which already is in fast forward state to the finish line is capable enough to own the War against Terrorism or stand guard the much talked about supreme national interest.

Is it clear that we do not want a puppet President.


  1. Anonymous19.8.08

    All of you Musharraf supporters go to to express you feelings.

    Long live Musharraf
    Long Live Pakistan

  2. Anonymous19.8.08

    He was a good and trustworthy Pakistani. We can argu for hours and hours on his some actions but his deep comitment to the country is unquestionable. He was a better choice than criminals like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. But ......, May God keep Pakistan safe and peaceful.


  3. that just goes to show that we as a nation has the attention span of a gold fish

  4. I personally think Musharaff was a good president and he would not have made the mistakes with the lal masjid incident and other incident's had it not been for the PPP and PML-N trying to corner him.