August 8, 2008

Romance; continues

Honeymoon period of an unnatural political alliance between PPPP and PML(N) has been extended again after recent 3 days of pseudo brainstorming sessions held at the residence of a newly discovered king maker aka political intellectual, asif ali ZARDARI. These beneficiaries of NRO have agreed to impeach the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on account of gross miss conduct and physical and mental incapacity instead of restoring the judges to maintain the supremacy of law. Not even a single crocodile tear was shed on the plight of flood struck lean Pakistanis and Dr. Afia Siddiqui, daughter of the nation. Moreover, the CM again managed to dismiss some bureaucrats of Rajanpur as to him they were not doing enough for the flood struck masses. He, the CM has also arranged 10 million PKR as grant to neutralize the devastations in 40 square kilometers of the said district. On the other hand PM has left for China to represent Pakistan. Bush is also scheduled to be there by tomorrow.

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