August 22, 2008

Step Out: School of Rock, the movie

The best thing about english movies is that these are of very squat length unlike hindi movies which usually have a span of 3 hours. English movies barely last an hour and a half making them appropriate to watch all through unrelenting one hour load shedding schedule prevailing in Pakistan, off course on your brother’s laptop. Today I enjoyed such a movie titled “School of Rock” in two episodes amid 14:00-15:00 and 22:00-23:00 hrs. During the show this movie managed to dig out that lost inner child of late school and early college in me. That energetic soul which used to indulge itself in unending ecstasies just woke up. Life was very straightforward at those times. Humans do drastically change with the passage of time and in most of the cases that change is self imposed. Most of us have already hardly encapsulated our now granulated otherwise rocking souls in seemingly impermeable personas. One can still live with the old forgotten zest that used to be a part of one’s life not really long ago. Briefly it’s a nice piece of film art that everyone must gaze at to rediscover that lost zesty child. I really liked the way how Mr. Shneably… aka Mr. S. successfully enacted as a teacher who manages to crave out the real hidden buried potential of his students who during the past have forgotten even to laugh. In the meantime he also tells them how one should stick to ones mission by leaving at the back the pseudo impressionist rock stars. This movie also portrays how the parents make the lives of their children less comfortable and less colorful by making them fulfill their own dreams. Whereas, in the end the same parents were delighted and felt proud at the rocking performance of their kids in an apparent should not go place for elitists. Moreover, an impressive show of mastery in facial expressions of Mr. S were spectacular
especially when he reassured the principle of her coolness.

The bottom line is that Rock enthusiasts, Parents and Kids are encouraged to watch this movie.


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  3. lol I remember watching this movie it was pretty funny, but its really old.