August 2, 2008

Solar Eclipse; Superstitions

According to the Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics, a partial eclipse will be observable in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh.

The partial solar eclipse in Pakistan will be first visible in the North Western part of the country, while the people of Peshawar will be able to get a glimpse of it around 4:18 p.m. (PST) and it will continue for about two hours.

There's an old myth in INDO-PAK / Subcontinent that Cafe Spots are caused by Exposure of Pregnant Moms to Lunar Eclipse. Moreover, expected Moms are not supposed to touch any cutting tools during the Eclipse, Solar or Lunar.

It's a bit conservative but i do believe in Folk Wisdom. Combined Gravitational Pull of the neighbors might be responsible for inflicting mutations in our feeble genes. No doubt today is an era of rapid advancement in biotechnology and being an engineer i have firm belief in doing. Anyhow, God still holds the discrete power of giving health to anyone close enough.

Pregnant women are warned, according to some schools of thought, to be careful while cutting something, touching a sharp object or passing by a reflecting surface (including mirrors) during the eclipse. Such fears are held by some superstitious people. Others, especially those in the medical field, reject this hypothesis. “This is not superstitious but a proven fact! If, during a lunar or solar eclipse, a pregnant woman or her husband cut something, their newborn is born with a physical deformity, which may include a missing/cut/cleft lip, ear, nose, finger or any other body part(s). I have seen hundreds of babies with these defects,” claimed the elderly Bhani, a caretaker of a Hindu temple.

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