August 31, 2008

UPS, goes down the technology lane

One of the greatest inventions UPS (uninterrupted power supply), at least for the load shedding struck Pakistanis has been rendered useless by the latest episode of prolonged power outs. The over confident government of the People by the People and on the People aka Government of PPP has achieved another mile stone by doing this. Another budding field of cottage industry is now struggling at the hands of Raja Pervez Ashraf who failed to allocate a few billions out of a budget of 2 trillion Rs. for Independent Power Producers resulting in massive country wide shutdowns after some miscreants blew up Gas Transmission Mains of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited. Even this rock-solid equipment is finding it hard to show its potential here in our country. Frequent blackouts have made this gadget ineffective as on times are not enough to charge it fully for another out time occurrence.

Now is the time for the influentials at the helm of affairs to curtail infertile expenses especially on frequent flights to the pseudo intellectu-political godfathers of Sindh, Punjab and NWFP to guarantee support for their presidential candidate.

Masses are now turning towards other expensive alternatives i.e., standby power generators. This change in precedence may invoke higher spending on fuel products finally resulting in an inflated POL import bill which in an age of increasing fossil fuel prices may hit our already ailing economy very hard.

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  1. Another achievement of our "great" government.