September 21, 2008

CCTV Footage of Suicide Blast at Marriott, Islamabad

My final year project in University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore was Design of a Solid Fuel Rocket Motor and I can tell you with 100% surety that the terrorists have now gained hardcore technical know how of explosives. They are using Aluminum Powder which is employed to increase the potency of explosives.

The footage is quite disturbing. It seemed that precious lives could have been saved provided that there was an efficient fire fighting mechanism installed at the entrance of the ill fated hotel. Moreover, the Dumper, a 6x4 Primemover, probably Nissan V8 with 300+ hp appear from the Constitution Avenue side. It must have travelled on the Margalla Road and made its approach from the road adjoining a park nearby (haunted hill park). There is a slight possibility that it may have been parked at some hidden place a day or two earlier to carry out the mission later as entrance of Large Trucks is prohibited in Islamabad before 22:00 PST.

This analysis is based upon my familiarity of the area as I have carried out rerouting of a high pressure gas pipeline near Kulsoom Plaza underpass more or less two years back.

The national assembly speaker had arranged a dinner for the entire leadership, for the president, prime minister and armed services chiefs at the Marriott that day," interior ministry chief Rehman Malik told reporters.
The president and the prime minister changed the venue to the prime minister's house. The function was not held at the Marriott, thus the whole leadership was saved," Mr Malik added.


  1. Anonymous21.9.08

    must say good bye America

  2. Anonymous22.9.08

    i am puzzled about one thing.
    The truck exploded near the front gate, quite a few meters away from Hotel.
    How did the whole hotel catch fire?

    Is it because of the gas pipeline explosion? If yes, how is it correlated to the truck explosion?

  3. all that happened was due to inefficient disaster management that allowed the fire to spread from just a single room to all over the place.

  4. Anonymous27.3.10

    It was BOMBS/FIRE BOMBS that were planted by CIA that went off at the same time GAS PIPELINE DOES NOT EXPLODE IN THIS MANNER!
    But important issue is who was/were the TARGET