September 22, 2008

Change of Plans, saved the Prime Minister & President of Pakistan!

The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan were scheduled to dine at Marriott on 9/20, the day things shook. Only the last minute change in plans saved the top leadership of Pakistan. I don't understand how'd on earth those terrorists made out that the top brass of country will be in Marriott.

This is further reaffirmed by the finding that the Dumper reached the hotel from the Constitution Avenue side after making its inroads from the Margalla Road. If Prime Minister House was the target it could have moved there easily. With this comes to the fore another alarming discovery that a 6x4 truck laden with high explosives easily made its access to the maximum declared security zone of our country.

Moreover, if the venue was changed on intelligence reports then there should at least be increased deployment of security forces around the ill fated hotel. Innocent citizens should not have been left to die at the hands of these pseudo islamists.
Things are going enormously wrong.


  1. Anonymous22.9.08

    Its total bullshit.

    Rehman Malik wants to earn free sympathy for PPP leadership.

  2. cheap sympathy, we may call it.