September 27, 2008

China did Space in the Chinese way

I was surfing TV channels this afternoon when all of a sudden a TV Channel named CCTV, most likely the state run television of China showed something impressive that craved me to stop my restless finger (once the fastest). EVA Walk thing was being televised LIVE there.

A diminutive brainstorming brought me to the conclusion that these are Chinese demanding to plough the space. Apart from hazard of being left in space it is no doubt a wearisome obsession to do a walk in space. Although the analyst was saying it again and again that the astronaut is wearing a very comfortable space suite which I doubt as it can’t be.

A capital punishment might be waiting for those three in case they denied going in space and then doing the space walk attention-grabber.

The most comical thing happened when they opened the space module’s door after much difficulty offered due to weightless conditions up there. They were trying to open the door by turning the handle and the handle was turning them instead. Moreover, as soon as they managed to open the door debris started flying into the space from the module. USA and Russia must have complained about it to some mother of all space agencies about this. The fragments consisted of papers, plates, metal parts screws might be, bubble gums and LEDs most probably. I dread they must have left their food up there In space.

Anyhow, that too was a giant leap towards weaponization of space. I haven’t seen High Definition footage of any space related event before this. Friendship of Pakistan and China is mightier than the Himalayas. I was expecting a Pakistani flag too.


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