September 20, 2008

Marriot and many loved ones are no more

Today is another sad day in the history of Pakistan. Something very terrible has just happened in Marriot, Islamabad.

Eyewitness are coming forward with varying accounts of the tragedy. To me and a lot of others it does not matter anymore. It is just the chaos which spreads after such an occurrence.

I do not know what to say. Can not find words to describe the accident. Fireball is consuming the structure. Marriot, the signature of community culture in Islamabad is no more. Do not know how many are still trapped inside.

Apparently two vehicles were used for this heinous crime against humanity. However, it seems to me that the person in the first vehicle figured out that something very bad is just going to happen. That's why he entered the vicinity and tried to warn people to run for their lives. The truck loaded with explosives may have managed to enter one of the higher security zones of Islamabad under the cover of construction crews involved in the construction of different avenues and interchanges of the capital city.

No VIP was killed. No big fish was killed. Rehman Malik must have breathed the sigh of relief on this. The primary target seems to me was the Iftar hosted by the President where all the top machinery of Pakistan was present at the time of explosion.

No doubt it is time to differentiate terrorists and pseudo hardliner islamist extremists from innocent moderate easygoing masses of our country, Pakistan. BBC, CNN and other international media groups are running extraordinary coverage of the carnage place. It was no doubt 9/11 of Pakistan. A lot of foreign nationals are among the innocents who died in this incident.

Some tenderer moments of my life are no more. It was the place where I had spent some soothing moments of life. The cozy atmosphere of the place used to rejuvenate my otherwise famished soul in the chilling Saturday nights of the sleeping city. I might not be able to visit the place once again.


  1. the blast was huge the windows of some shops of jinnah super shattered while i was their

  2. don't know when this will end.