September 29, 2008

One easy way to become a Millionaire

Believe me, it is the only legal opening available to the poor masses of Pakistan to enter the elitist circle of society which spends up to 100k, PKR though on club memberships alone. Load shedding, unemployment and inflation pose no problem to their daily routines. For power outs they have high performance standby power generators at their expense. They are the employers in most of the cases and as far as inflation is considered they are still using Petrol to fuel their generators.

I have already opted for the Defence Saving Certificates, though interest rated on these have not been revised this time and this happens frequently with my investments usually. I won't be spending any of the interest money obtained on food stuff. To me, it is the weakest of all forms of evasions from interest.

Behold, I don't recommend any of you to invest in these schemes due to involvement of Interest Money. But to me and many other Government and Semi Government employees it is the only escape available from the clutches of inflation driven below the poverty line situation.

Money obtained from Prize Bonds is still considered Unislamic in the majority of the scholarly spheres. But still I have started sparing funds to buy a 40k one carrying a 60 million rupee first prize to which 10 million have recently been added in order to augment its luster.


  1. Anonymous29.9.08


    with Zardair the new president, how can we forget the Saver-raffle scheme of the past.....

  2. Fully agree with you. But the option which you say is available to the poor for entering the elite club is not actually opened to them. The large prizes are on high denominations prize bonds such as 25000 and 40000. A poor man cannot possibly buy these prize bonds.

  3. i disagree with u SHARP, they can buy bonds of higher denominations after they get rewarded on bonds of smaller denominations.
    it would take hardly 6 months to get them into the elite club.