October 6, 2008

Gourmet Cola is PEPSISH

Astonishingly, Gourmet (bakery) has come up with another successful product. This Ramadan they have ventured into the cold drinks business by introducing Gourmet Cola and Gourmet Lemon Up. I have tried their cola product as yet. I must say the taste of this carbonated drink tantalized my taste buds. Amazingly, they have managed to flavor it more or less Pepsish. We at home can just speculate how people at Gourmet managed to get the undisclosed formula / recipe of Pepsi. I was expecting it to be a product like the ones bottled by Amrat and Shandy. My siblings and relatives now rate Gourmet Cola better than Pepsi.

Anyhow, the winning streak of Gourmet seems to continue further with this creation as long as they don't compromise on excellence which has been a trademark of their merchandise. They just need to be a bit more careful on supply chain management issues. A heavier portfolio is often prone to experience such tribulations.


  1. Though I'm not a cola person, but their icecream is certainly getting better every month.

  2. Gourmet Cola was certainly a big surprise for me too, because a local company introducing such a quality and taste, really amazing.

    I myself am looking for someone to distribute it in interior Sindh, because now we purchase from Gourmet Bakery Main Shop (Lahore) and I am also interested to know that when they will setup proper website of their own.

    JazakALLAH-o-Khaira for your post.