October 10, 2008

gourmet's LEMON UP is dewish

The Lemon Up from gourmet knocked two blows in one punch to all the lime based carbonated drinks available in Pakistan. It tastes a little DEWISH with no yellowish green tint in it. Thereby, catering to the reservations of increasing populace who avoid consuming artificial overestimated food grade colors in lime drinks. The amount of carbonation is just right as was in their previous flagship cola product.

Moreover, gourmet officialdom has perverted to an interesting approach by retailing these fizzy drinks on their outlets single-handedly. This very interestingly has increased their consumer base who believes in the quality of stuff they are getting for the price paid. The price of Rs. 35/- per bottle is just right for the ever increasing number of believers who always deserved value for money. Believe me, this positive stir from gourmet establishment will get them far ahead of all the rivals in this business. They have to remain glued to this strategy for sustainable development.

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