November 16, 2008

Children of Heaven, the movie

After having been drifting for relatively a stretched moment this truly was the movie which touched my heart. I watched it on Star Movies while surfing through the never concluding surge of superfluous simulcast information pumped right in to my house by the cable network operator. This in actuality is the chronicle of more or less each typical household in Pakistan.

Considerate children are no doubt a gift of God. Nearly identical tribulations are faced by deprived all around the world. The conscientiousness of being the eldest son and the only daughter are quite profound at least in our part of the world. This behavior of the child might be interrelated with the expectations of parents towards the future of their children. Anyhow this stance finds deep roots inside the child's persona and his / her later life becomes an absolute or fuzzy reflection of it which by some means is measured a plus in the customary norms of the sub continent. On the other hand mandatory enforcement of such responsibilities totally destroys ones childhood. Childhood is something sacred, priceless and without worries of job and work. I might be incorrect as qualms stumbled upon by me or someone else in his / her childhood are no match to the ones faced in present time.

Let's draw closer towards the story plot.

Unintentional loss of shoes of Zahra by Ali who is her elder brother casted gloom of concern on the innocent faces of these siblings who do not want to share this news with their ailing mother and a monetarily distressed, faithful father. After much pondering Ali devises a plan to give his sneakers to Zahra so that she may continue her studies who on the other hand excuses going to school just in an attempt to keep these with her elder brother. At last they mange to reach a plan to use these shoes one by one. The whole movie revolves around this inexpensive footwear which is not of much significance to countless resourceful. To Zahra it was disgraceful to wear sneakers in a girl's school where others like her were wearing fancy colorful shoes. His brother Ali understands the naive feelings of her sister and promises to bring new shoes for her someday. Life is quite frenzied for humans and especially for poor. Underprivileged try their best to get out of the command of poverty but they get more stuck in the bog of it. Getting rid of poverty means a lot to them which may sound childish to some rich. Ultimate wish of such may just be good education and a home for their children which are meager as compared to the wishes of rich who are not satisfied by the mere appearance of their palaces. For Ali his ultimate wish was to see Zahra, his sister smiling. In order to do so he gives his most precious prize ever won to his sister. Later on he participates in a race which promised a third prize of sneakers with a target to win it for his sister. In a strange twist of fate he wins the first prize which is something different from sneakers.

Anyhow this is a good movie and everyone should watch it.


  1. I had watched that movie on Star Movies but only in parts and I too thought it to be a fantastic. Thanks for sharing as I didn't know the title. I think it's an Iranian movie... right?

  2. yeah offcourse its an iranian movie.
    chilli is not the only spice to add to movies. we pakistanis can also produce such works.

  3. Anonymous2.2.09

    I wish UK Channels would show such good foreign movies tho' Channel 4 is quite good.* Wish I had known about it B4 I returned from Karachi. *BBC2 is not bad either.


  4. Anonymous7.9.09

    i watched the film chieldren of heaven...
    it took me into a different world.....
    it is one of my favourite film.....
    i thank it's directr 4 giving us a wonderful treet
    i wish him to make more such films

  5. Anonymous5.10.09

    I watched this lovely movie last night and was struck by two things: the sweet innocence of the children, and the extreme contrast between the rich and the poor.

  6. Anonymous16.11.09

    If we really know about the value of money, afterthat we never ever deposit in banks . Because it is really for those persons who are deserving the money and achive their needs

  7. Anonymous16.5.10

    my parents just narrated me the movie , when they saw the trailer of bumm bumm bole.
    i'm dying to watch it after i heard about it.

  8. If I want to download the film, where to go?