November 7, 2008

Sweetest Sweets, best voted Traditional Mithais

Being a Jatt sweets are my natural escape from the bitter realities of life. Subordinates and colleagues at my previous place of posting were quite aware of this weakness of mine. It is said character of the officer travels with his transfer orders in semi governmental departments like the one I am serving these days. In mine case it travelled quite slowly this time. Anyways, sweets particularly RAS Gullas were the customary delights of the day in the preceding week for me at least. I know that the mere description of sweets results in mouth watering of my Punjabi brothers. Punjabis are no doubt quite open hearted in every shade of existence, food is no exception either. I learned this sour reality whilst serving in the terra firma of Pakhtuns i.e., NWFP.

Anyways, I have been posting polls on ORKUT as well as on my own blog "Things I KNOW" in order to determine the predilection of fellows like engineers, doctors, uetians and jatts for a particular traditional sweet a.k.a. MITHAI. It seems that now is the right time to compile the results.

So, here are the results.

*Cakes, Ice creams, Fruits, Egg Pudding, Ras Malai, Messu, Chocolate

Jatts were ahead of the rest when on earth there is some sugary delight drawn in and this poll was no exception either. I was expecting UETIANS to top the results but some geek nerdy jerky moderator deleted the poll I am afraid due to the reason that it contained the names of some traditional delicacies.

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  1. I am a Jat from Delhi(There are around 100 Jat villages in Delhi)I would like to know more about the community from ur side of the border.You can contact me at [email protected]