January 20, 2009

Can we boycott Israel?

Can we really boycott the Zionist entity spelled Israel?

The truth is more complicated than thought. This campaign cannot just simply overwhelm the Muslim world in a flash which is already at the mercy of Zionist multinationals. I am afraid a lot more was needed to be done by our ancestors to make this movement successful in the form of providing alternatives.

Being a Project Engineer whose job description mainly comprises of procurement of earth moving equipment and associated spares the answer has become more complicated after seeing CATERPILLAR in the list. At present I am involved in the technical evaluation of Pipelayers and Track Type Tractors which are just another name of CATERPILLAR pipeline laying equipment. Can I rob my company or my country to be more precise of the legendary trustworthy services provided by CAT just to accomplish my insanely innocent craving or more accurately brief hysteria of boycotting Israel? Other options are products of Chinese and Russian origin which by no way can contend the already mentioned CAT brand earth moving equipment. Isn't it better to put together products that can surpass the yield of Zionist regime in terms of quality instead of just getting indulged in this foolish prohibit that will unquestionably transport more dilemma for us?

Other similar Zionist products in the list are "IBM, Intel, Nokia, Motorola and Siemens.

This doesn't mean that we cannot just take the brunt of boycotting Israel for the fear of getting poorer which we already are. We can still shun McDonalds, Nestle, CNN, Disney, Arsenal Football Club, cK, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Revlon, Johnson & Johnson and a lot more similar brands making our lives simpler and easier. Such a campaign may also help lighten the burden on the debt sickened economy of our country.


  1. IBM is from Israel?

    well ok I think I need to re-read this. :-)

    Anyway, its nice to see old blogs and familiar places in rotation at BE again! And I thought BE is forever gone! I even posted about it...

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