January 13, 2009

Shape of things to come, HONDA CITY 2009

Probably the world’s tiniest news article ever published on the second page of Jang News revealed on me that the much anticipated 2009 Honda Citys are being rolled out of the car manufacturing plant situated at Manga Mandi, Lahore.

Let’s see what are going to be the specifications and more interestingly prices of this new venture of Honda. Kindly note that this new car is being launched in a country whose economy is already sickened by increasing external debts, poverty, hyper inflation, lawlessness, religious extremism and energy starvation. But still we Pakistanis managed to demonstrate the very inherent resilience by oversubscribing the new Corollas and Camrys which are now being obtainable with undeniably unjust newer and higher price tags of 1.4 and 4.9 million PKR respectively.

(01 $ = 80 PKR)

Manual Transmission (1.309.000 PKR)
Automatic Transmission (1,429,000 PKR)


  1. I own a Honda city and having problem in in it. I am not impressed by this car

  2. at last my brother has bought the new City Aspire 1.5 AT.