March 3, 2009

Terrorists at Liberty; Video Footage

Another bad day for sports in Pakistan. I can't find words to describe this henious act of terrorism. I wonder if those were Muslims. The way they killed the traffic warden was just unthinkable. A poor man murdered in cold blood.

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  1. Frankestein monsters created by Pakistani government are on the lose. Government continues to be in a state of denial. People too are in the same state, possibly as a result of the propaganda of the government. The statement that the frankestein monsters will exist till the larger issues such as Kashmir are not resolved no longer should hold good. If the goons I create to kill my neighbour begin to kill my family, I cannot blame my neighbour for the killing. Why is this all consuming Kashmir agenda so important for Pakistan that Pakistanis are willing to destroy themselves for it? People will have to rise up first to force the government to change. I hope Pakistanis will choose peace over war, love over hatred.