April 5, 2009

Syncing contacts between Sony Ericsson K500i and Nokia E63 (between two mobile phones / cellular devices of different makes)

At last I decided to retire the antiquating K500i and picked a novel trend in the field of mobile phone technology a.k.a. a Smartphone in the shape of a Nokia E63 for my entire cellular needs.

The changeover of was swift as it only required relocation of the SIM card from K500i to E63.

Synchronizing Contacts amid K500i and E63 felt tricky in the first place, the reason being lack of through communication link between the said mobile phones.

K500i has only infrared port whereas E63 boasts WiFi and Bluetooth.

Google has established it's convenience in similar state of affairs earlier that's why I resorted to it yet again. Search results brought out free synchronizing services like mobyko.com and zyb.com which offer retention of IMEI, Contacts, Text and Image data on online servers for reclamation in case of theft of the cellular device, a common phenomenon in Pakistan at least.

Anyhow I opted for mobyko.com which forwarded a text message containing synchronization server settings to my K500i after going through a fairly quick registration procedure for the said phone. I was rather surprised to see Pakistan in the list of countries along with local operators like Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, Zong etc on mobyko.com. Installation methodology for the settings received was very much similar to the one we have witnessed at the beginning of WAP era in Pakistan for installation of WAP, MMS and INTERNET settings.

For the rest I used the 3-step guide provided by mobyko.com and copied all my contacts from K500i to the online servers of the said free service by using synchronization utility now available on my cellular device. Keep in mind that this cannot be accomplished without using WAP services of Ufone.

Now in order to copy the online contacts to my E63 I changed my Mobile Phone in the settings section of mobyko.com and shifted the Ufone SIM to my E63. Certain settings were again pushed towards my E63 which were then installed using the previously mentioned 3-step guide of the said website. After getting the installation work done I headed towards the synchronization section and completed the process through employing the WiFi service of my E63.

That's it.


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