August 7, 2009

Is Baitullah Mehsud dead? Is it official yet?

I am afraid we won't be able to confirm this very soon as not very surprisingly the govt. of Pakistan has no established writ in that very area of Baitullah's stronghold. I wonder if the credit of his death will be taken by Mr. Rehman Malik or not. I am afraid that with this aerial attack our govt. has reached on the threshold of declaring the responsibility of not this but all drone attacks.

I doubt if this will bring an end to the long strain of seemingly desperate unending suicidal attacks in my homeland Pakistan.

What is taking so long to confirm his death?

(i heard it on TV) TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) and the Government of Pakistan (unofficial) have confirmed his death already.

Anyhow, another mysterious chapter in Pakistan's history has come to an end. I wonder what would now happen to the Benazir Bhutto's Murder Case which is being probed by the United Nations nowadays, as Gen. (Retd.) Pervez Musharaf's regime nominated rather accused him (Baitullah) of masterminding the suicide attack of 27th December which claimed the life of one of the best spokeswoman of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto.

I am afraid the new so-called Taliban leader would also be faceless.

This footage symbolizes a lot for the Muslims of Pakistan. Apparently suicide bombings in Pakistan have not come to an end yet.

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