November 1, 2009

UP (2009), the PIXAR movie

Movies teach us precious things. I doubt if it was the fine weather in Lahore on 1st November or the fullness of a lavish breakfast brought by my father from Capri (the restaurant) in the shape of Halwa Puri with Meethi (sweet) Puri and Mutton Katchuri that made this marvelous piece of animation made by PIXAR come into life.

Human life is full of wondrous possibilities and momentous but hard to transpire priceless joys. Try to live every moment of it and make most out of the challenges thrown out to test your vigor. Mankind has been bestowed upon by a unique force called emotional drive which if steered in the right direction can lead to a happy, joyful life for everyone. Learn to live life for others too.

Anyhow, PIXAR has very effectively created a life like movie out of the inert animated characters in this instance. The cinematic emotional strength of this movie stands almost at par with another movie titled “BICENTENNIAL MAN” for me. I strongly recommend watching these two movies and reading a famous novel “The Alchemist” for people trying to learn the true meaning a.ka. soul of this world.

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