August 14, 2010

PTCL launches NITRO EVO Rev B

At last!
A true wireless broadband era has dawned upon us that will ensure jitter free youtube playbacks. The promised theoretical download speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps and uplink of up to 5.4 Mbps are very encouraging indeed. We shall have to wait for the actual results though. This new service is initially available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore & Karachi only. But, backward compatibility on the now older 3.1 Mbps is also available in areas where the infrastructure for the new highspeed network has not yet been installed.
Nitro USB Device Charges(the cost of owning one device): Rs. 3,999/-
Nitro Unlimited(line rent): Rs. 2,999/- monthly
(One must admit that the charges are very competitive and ISPs around the country are now in trouble, to my understanding at least. Lets hope wateen and witribe also announce some new technologies to jump on to the bandwagon)

They are claiming it as “The World’s first & most cutting edge EV-DO Rev. B commercial network". However, engadget has already crowned Smart Telecom of Indonesia for doing the claimed "FIRST" in January 2010. Further details are available on the following links;

This makes PTCL the third compoany to do so. Their official verdict can be found at;

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  1. It has been learnt through reliable resources that EVO REV B devices a.k.a. NITRO are being stuck in customs clearance for some unknown reasons.
    Another resource is of the view and has very candidly commented that PTCL is facing a multitude of problems i.e., lack of adequately skilled human resource as well as some teething technical issues for kick starting this heavily advertised and highly proclaimed world's first commercial 9.3 mbps wireless broadband service.
    To me it is the sheer unprofessional attitude of PTCL employees which has left their firm on the no-man's-land. I wonder where are those professionals who have given a go ahead to their managment after carrying out a persumably so called vigorous testing of this new technology.