May 22, 2011

Canon T3i/600D vs Nikon D5100; the deal breaker

Both dSLRs target beginner segment of the consumer market and offer very similar features. The only Deal Breaker I can find in favor of Canon's toy mentioned above is that it uses a proprietary Canon APS-C CMOS Sensor. On the other hand Nikon uses a Sony CMOS Sensor (shouldn't they be manufacturing their own sensors like canon).

A Comparison of specifications can be found at;
Official specifications of Canon T3i/600D can be found at;
Canon T3i/600D
Official specifications of Nikon D5100 can be found at;
Nikon D5100

However, it should be noted that Nikon D5100 boasts better low light performance owing to its higher ISO sensitivity. Whereas, some dSLR videographers prefer Canon T3i/600D over Nikon D5100 due to better manual control capabilities found on the former camera.

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